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The Focus Electric is the first all-electric vehicle in Ford's 110-year history. It entails a number of compromises - including decreased cargo space, a high price and an abbreviated 76-mile range - compared to the standard Focus hatchback on which it's based, but the Focus Electric's ease of use and conventional styling should be major draws for those who want an EV that feels like a normal car.From the outside, it takes a sharp eye to distinguish the electrified Focus from its gas-powered brother. 

  • Year launched: 2012

  • Battery: 23.0 kWh

  • Range: 125 km

  • Power: 107 kW

  • 0-100 km/h: 10.1 s

  • Charger: 6.6 kW

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Showing 13 - 14 of 14 items