New! From now one you can order CCS 1 to CCS 2 adaptor

New! From now one you can order CCS 1 to CCS 2 adaptor

Most of the Fast charging stations inside the European Union use three types of plugs: DC cHadeMO;  AC Type 2 and DC CCS (type 2 – Combo 2). If you are driving a EV which has USA style CCS socket (type 1 – Combo 1) you will not be able to charge your EV. In order to charge from Fast charging station, you must have this adaptor, which allows to connect CCS 1 EV to CCS 2 Station.

This adaptor suits best these EV models:

  •          Chevrolet Bolt EV
  •          Bmw i3 USA
  •          Hyundai IONIQ
  •          Ford Focus
  •          VW Golf

If you are not sure about this adaptor compatibility with your EV, please contact us and we will help you.


    • Avatar
      Paul Nowak
      Jan 15, 2018

      Hi,I bought a 2015 E-Golf with a CCS Combo 1 socket and I am driving it in Europe. It's strictly a city car but I'd like to have an option to fast-charge it sometimes.I am interested in your adaptor:'s the price and possible shipping time?

    • Avatar
      Maksym Mashtalir
      Jan 30, 2018

      Hi! We are looking to order big amount of CCS1 to CCS2 conector. Please reply with price and order instructions. Thanks

    • Avatar
      Paul Wallace
      Mar 6, 2018

      Hi, I am looking for a 16amp type 1 to type 2 cable to use on public charge points for my Vauxhall Ampera. Any advice welcome thanks.

    • Avatar
      Mar 13, 2018

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    • Avatar
      sungkyu Kwon
      Jun 18, 2018

      How are you ? We have doing connector with plug for EV charger. We are finding CCS1 connector for sample purchase . I will appreciate if you show me contact manager . I would like to know your product specification and price. look forward to your reply. Best Regards Sungkyu kwon

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